Richie Rich (Biltmore Estate)

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Richie Rich (Biltmore Estate)

Asheville’s Biltmore Estate has had a cameo in many Hollywood films, including Hannibal, Forrest Gump, Patch Adams, and My Fellow Americans. One of its most whimsical roles is the part of the Rich family mansion in the 1994 version of Richie Rich, starring Macauley Culkin. Based on the comic book series by Alfred Harvey, this caper follows the adventures of young Mr. Rich as he assumes the leadership role in the family company, following the presumed death of his parents in a plane crash.

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The sneaky CFO of Rich Industries, Lawrence Van Dough, is behind the many misfortunes of the Rich family and their loyal employees. His dastardly deeds are all part of a plot to steal the family fortune, which he believes is stored on a vault on Mount Richmore. Throughout the movie, you can see interior and exterior shots of the Biltmore Estate and its beautifully landscaped grounds. The estate is trademarked as “America’s Largest Home” and is currently owned by a branch of the Vanderbilt family. Once the wealthiest family in America, many of the descendants are known for their talents rather than their fortunes, including late clothing designer Gloria Vanderbilt, television personality Anderson Cooper, award-winning actor and producer Timothy Olyphant, and screenwriter James Vanderbilt.

To step inside the fictional world of Richie Rich and the real-life world of the Vanderbilt heirs, you can explore the estate at your own pace or take a guided tour with behind-the-scenes access. You’ll see priceless art, stunning architectural details, manicured lawns and gardens, and natural beauty.

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Favorite Movie Spots in Asheville

Richie Rich (Biltmore Estate)

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