Forrest Gump (Grandfather Mountain)

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Forrest Gump (Grandfather Mountain)

One of America’s most beloved films, Forrest Gump, is an epic tale of love and loss. Spanning several decades in the life of a kindhearted man with special needs, the film shows his struggles and successes as he interacts with others during iconic moments in U.S. history. Forest Gump is well-known for visual effects in which the character is inserted into historical footage. The film shows Forrest witnessing Governor Wallace blocking two African-American students from entering Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama, meeting President Kennedy at the White House, and being awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism in Vietnam by President Johnson.

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After he is discharged from the Army, Forrest returns to his home in Alabama where he takes care of his mother until her death. Later, his love interest and childhood friend, Jenny, rejects his marriage proposal, and he runs from coast to coast in an attempt to mend his broken heart. As he gains notoriety for his long-distance journey, people begin to run with him, hoping to understand his motives and, perhaps, gain some clarity in their own lives.

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One of the running scenes takes place on Grandfather Mountain, the highest peak in the eastern Blue Ridge Mountains. Today, a signpost marks Forrest Gump Curve, a bend in the road where Forrest comes briefly into view, followed by a small group of other runners. While Tom Hanks has the lead role in the movie, his younger brother, Jim Hanks, is his body double for the running scenes.

In addition to playing a bit part in Forrest Gump, Grandfather Mountain is a nature sanctuary and a popular, scenic recreation spot with opportunities for observing wildlife, hiking along the trails, crossing the Mile High Swinging Bridge, and taking part in daily programs and special events.

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Favorite Movie Spots in Asheville

Forrest Gump (Grandfather Mountain)

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