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Is Huawei’s highest level certification suitable for greener?



Some people want to know which certificate is the highest level certification of Huawei, and also want to know whether they are suitable for the exam. Many people are greener in this field, so let’s introduce it to you.

Huawei certification is a professional certification of network technology. If you are currently studying in a university or are about to graduate or have already worked, no matter whether you are in the computer industry or not, if you want to be a Huawei network engineer now, you can participate in this certification. After obtaining this certificate, you can change your profession or enter the profession to become a Huawei network engineer.

  1. Classification of Huawei certification

Huawei certification is divided into many directions. If you want to be a network engineer, we usually study the certification in the direction of data communication. Huawei also has many other technical directions. For example, some of its engineers are cloud computing engineers. Some of its engineers are big data engineers. Some of its engineers are 5G network engineers.

For the majority of zero base or greener, if you are not sure how to choose, you can always consult the network engineer, the author of the growth diary, Me. Most people choose the data communication when they enter the industry, that is, the route switching direction.

  1. What are the levels of Huawei certification?

If you decide to become a network engineer now, you can choose the certification of Huawei data communication to start learning. You can learn by yourself, or you can learn online with the editor, the author of the growth diary of network engineers.

Huawei certification can be divided into three levels: primary, intermediate and advanced. Generally speaking, if you want to find a job, you should learn at least the intermediate level. Huawei officially calls this intermediate level HCIP.

This HCIP is officially called Huawei Senior Network Engineer. In fact, your certification in this field is equivalent to having two or three years of work experience in this field, which shows that you can skillfully configure and maintain the network of general enterprises or large enterprises. The debugging work mainly involves debugging Huawei network equipment to solve technical problems for customers.

Is newcomers suitable for Huawei’s highest level certification?

The highest level certification of Huawei is called HCIE certification. The official name is Huawei Certified Network Engineer Expert, which is equivalent to five or six years of work experience. It is also the most senior technical engineer among Huawei network engineers.

If you prepare for this exam from scratch, it generally takes six or seven months to get the certificate. The certification is expensive. It is divided into written examination, online examination and interview. It costs about 10000 yuan. But if you have this certificate, your monthly salary can usually reach more than 10000 to 20000 yuan.

Therefore, many college students who want to get a high salary or want to get a high salary, or those who want to change careers, will choose Huawei’s certification in this regard. The choice of Huawei’s intermediate certification or Huawei’s highest level certification is usually based on your current financial and personal situation.


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