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3 Must-Have Smart Appliances for Modern Kitchens



Cooking can help you unwind—it’s therapeutic. Anyone who has roasted a whole chicken or turkey or simply made veggie garlic noodles will attest to that. However, cooking is pretty time-consuming. Both chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike seek ways to shorten their time in the kitchen. 

Fortunately, smart appliances can help you cut the time you spend in the kitchen in half—all thanks to technology. The emergence of cutting-edge solutions is transforming how people cook, eat, and manage their culinary tasks. 

Out of so many options in the market, choosing appliances that would be a worthy addition is a task. However, we’ve simplified it for you. Here, we’ll discuss some essential gadgets that are a must-have in every kitchen. 

#1 Smart Refrigerator 

Smart refrigerators are the pinnacle of innovation and convenience in kitchen appliances. These refrigerators feature a touchscreen interface, internal cameras, and WiFi. You can interact with the features of the fridge by pairing it with your smartphone or tablet remotely. 

Through the touchscreen interface, you can do a plethora of things. You can search for recipes and let the fridge read the steps while you cook. You can also create grocery lists and sync them with your smartphone in real time. 

With a smart refrigerator, you won’t have to worry about wasting food. You can set expiration dates and receive notifications to use food before they expire. A smart refrigerator will also allow you to create individual profiles for each member and send them to-do lists and personal notes. 

Some models even feature transparent touch screens that allow you to take a sneak peek inside the fridge without opening the door. Another perk of a smart refrigerator is that you can double-check items you’re running low on at the store through the interior cameras. 

#2 Sous Vide Precision Cooker

The Sous Vide precision cooker is a game-changer in modern cooking, as it offers restaurant-like results at home. Precision cookers, for decades, have been used by professionals for sous vide cooking. In recent years, however, they have been making their way into the home kitchen. 

Sous vide, in simple terms, refers to the cooking technique in which food is cooked in a vacuum-sealed bag in a carefully controlled water bath. This low-temperature, long-time cooking method yields results that are impossible to attain from any other technique. 

Sous vide precision cookers are integrated with WiFi capabilities. Thus, you can monitor and control the cooking process remotely via smartphone apps, ensuring perfect results every time. 

Though a standalone circulator, a precision cooker retains the nutrients, flavors, and natural juices of the food just like a pressure cooker. Perhaps that is why it is an excellent alternative to a pressure cooker. 

Upgrading to a precision cooker is highly recommended, especially when pressure cooker manufacturers face lawsuits. Quite surprisingly, there have been not one but multiple instances of pressure cooker explosions. These explosions resulted in severe injuries. Some of which, TorHoerman Law informs, include cuts, lacerations, thermal burns, and blindness. 

A TikTok user recently warned viewers about pressure cookers after one allegedly exploded its contents in her face. This resulted in second-degree burns. In other news, a mother suffered third-degree burns all over her face, neck, as well as chest due to a pressure cooker explosion

Crock-Pot, Instant Pot, and Tristar, to name a few, are defendants named in the lawsuit. Plaintiffs in the pressure cooker explosion lawsuit allege that the manufacturers sold defective devices and failed to warn consumers about their hazards. 

Therefore, avoid using pressure cookers. Instead, opt for precision cookers for safety. 

#3 Smart Coffee and Espresso Maker

If you wish to enjoy cafe-like coffee at home, a smart coffee and espresso maker would be a worthy addition to your kitchen. 

Whether you prefer a creamy latte or a strong espresso shot, this gadget has you covered. Thanks to its programmable features, you can schedule brewing times and decide how long each brew should bloom. 

Smart coffee and espresso makers are also equipped with built-in grinders and milk frothers. Coupled with adjustable brewing settings, this appliance allows coffee lovers to craft barista-quality beverages with ease. 

You can even access the coffee and espresso maker from your bedroom or home office, as WiFi connectivity allows for remote operation. Some models are even compatible with virtual assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa. Go for those models, even though they will cost you a bit more because you can control the appliance from the comfort of your couch. 

Wrapping it up, smart kitchen appliances are transforming the culinary landscape. Not only do these gadgets offer unparalleled convenience, but they also improve the cooking experience.  

Investing in these appliances can elevate your culinary experience, save time, and reduce waste. Irrespective of whether you’re a busy professional seeking convenience without sacrificing flavor or a cooking enthusiast seeking to hone their skills, these appliances will be a worthy addition to your kitchen. 

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