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Craft Beer in Columbus/Zaftig Brewing
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Zaftig Brewery

Everyone at Zaftig Brewery is a beer lover first and foremost. They've spent significant time doing market research and developed a taste for some of the best craft beers around. They have deep respect and admiration for the innovators and leaders of the craft beer industry (Dogfish Head, Stone, Rogue, Bells, Founders, etc.) Every beer produced at Zaftig Brewery is created to be up to the standards set by the great craft breweries around the country.

Zaftig Brewery was founded in 2013 and is not just Worthington's only craft brewery. It sets itself apart by focusing on high gravity, full-bodied ales. The best way to describe body is to say it is the sensation of fullness of a beer on the palate. Gravity, when referring to a beer, means the dissolution of sugars during fermentation, which results in a beer’s alcoholic strength. Full body, high gravity means a big mouthfeel and a generally higher alcohol content. Suffice to say that these beers are not messing around. These beers are not for sloppy chugging. They are meant to be languidly sipped, savored, and enjoyed. These beers are big in every sense of the word and make no apology for it.

The spacious taproom is open Tuesday through Sunday with seasonal, limited release and year-round brews on tap, and bottles for sale. There is not a dedicated kitchen so Zaftig hosts food trucks Tuesday through Saturday so there is no shortage of grub to pair with the beers. Tuesday through Thursday is Happy Hour, and at least once a month live music is hosted onsite. Zaftig is happy to be converting the beer snobs of Ohio, one sip at a time.

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Craft Beer in Columbus

Zaftig Brewing

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