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Questions to ponder...

Why do you think many of the fruits we eat are yellow at some point? What does the color yellow make you think of?

Why are so many fruits yellow?

Sugar from the Sun has a lot of examples of fruits that change color when they ripen, particularly from green to yellow to orange or red. Why is this? Many fruits start off green because of chlorophyll in their skins. This chlorophyll is necessary for photosynthesis, which allows the skin of the fruit to supply vital nutrition for the fruit and the seeds it holds. So when a banana is young, its skin is green and it is still turning sunlight into sugar.

Once a banana has enough sugar, it turns yellow because the fruit no longer needs to photosynthesize. This also means that the more yellow the banana is, the sweeter it is! This holds true for other fruits you'll see in Sugar from the Sun as well, so make sure to look at the papaya and grapefruit trees as well! As the color changes, it can also act as a signal to animals that the fruit is ready to eat (and then the animals help distribute the seeds inside).

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers are particularly attractive to butterflies, but you'll see many flowers using yellow to attract pollinators of all kinds. If you're in Show House and it's a warm day, see if you can find any bees or butterflies visiting the yellow flowers there.

Yellow leaves and stems

One of the most impressive plants in the collection you'll find inside the Palm House near the Show Room. Stop and take a look at our painted bamboo. In addition to being one of the tallest plants in this room, it's also got one of the loveliest barks.

While many times if you see yellow leaves on your plants at home, it's a sign that something might be wrong, many of the plants with yellow leaves that you find in our collection are a product of selective breeding by horticulturalists. Make sure to look for some of these lovely plants and check out their leaf patterns.

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