World's Largest Amoco Sign

981 S Skinker Blvd St. Louis

Route 66 Attractions in St. Louis/World's Largest Amoco Sign
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World's Largest Amoco Sign

You’re not going to miss this gas station as you’re driving down the road! The world’s largest Amoco sign is located at the intersection of Skinker and Clayton in St. Louis. Route 66 enthusiasts flock to this gas station to take pictures next to this enormous sign.

Amoco Sign History

In 1921, Standard Oil purchased this corner lot and erected a huge sign at the intersection. The sign read "STANDARD" and measured 65-by-85-foot. It sat on top of concrete pillars that sunk about 8-feet into the ground. The $50,000 sign was considered to be one of the first double-sided signs in the country. It consisted of 5,260 light bulbs. In 1931, the sign was upgraded when the dimensions were changed. Additional bulbs were added, increasing the number to 5,800. Additionally, 2,900 feet of neon tubing was added. During the 1950s, the sign was once again altered but this time it was fitted with a plastic face and placed on the roof. Finally, in 1985 the “AMOCO” logo was added and the landmark now resembles the sign we see today.

It’s simply impossible to go through this intersection and not be in awe at the giant gas station sign.

Amoco Sign on a BP Station

British Petroleum (BP) merged with Amoco in the late 1990s. The company quickly replaced most of the Amoco logos at gas stations with BP’s green pastel sun. However, a few Amoco signs still remain to this day in select locations. While nearly everything in this west St. Louis neighborhood has changed over the last 100 years, one thing has not—the World's Largest Amoco Sign.

Learn more about the local icon that has been at this location since 1922.

Amoco and Skinker Highrise 2 by Paul Sableman via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

Route 66 Attractions in St. Louis

World's Largest Amoco Sign

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