World of Whirlpool (Reid-Murdoch Building)

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Reid-Murdoch Building

Not only is World of Whirlpool a fun place to test out appliances but it is also located inside an iconic building people refer to as the clocktower. Built in 1914 by George C. Nimmons, the seven-story building on the river was originally a grocery store warehouse for Reid, Murdoch & Co. but was memorable for its three-story clock tower. As an example of Chicago's old school industry design, the Reid-Murdoch building was added to the National Registry of Historic Places and is a designated Chicago Landmark. In 1915, it was quickly turned into a hospital after the S.S Eastland capsized in the river. After a long period of no use, the building was bought by the city to house courts and the state attorney's office. If you are wondering why the building is asymmetrical, it wasn't actually built that way. It used to have 6 window sections on both sides of the clock center but in 1926, one of the bays on the left side was removed to make LaSalle Street bigger.

World of Whirlpool

Today, the Reid-Murdoch building is the headquarters for Encyclopædia Britannica but is also used for office space and retail places, including World of Whirlpool, which is a showroom Whirlpool appliances. To give you a little background on the company that moved into the historic building, Whirlpool came about in 1908 with the help of Lou Upton, who cashed in his savings to start creating and selling household equipment. While his first business ultimately failed, it brought about an opportunity for him to use one of those machines, which he essentially revamped. From this, came the electric motor-driven wringer washer. In 1949, after Upton's success selling the washers and eventually merging with another washing machine company, his company changed its name to Whirlpool Corporation.

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Still known as Whirlpool today, they had since taken part in promising to reinvest in the community, designed the first space kitchen, focused on environmental sustainability, and partnered with the appliance brand, Maytag. World of Whirlpool, located on the seventh floor, is more than just a showroom—it is an interactive museum and teaches mini household lessons. Not only do you get to see their amazing products, but you also get to interact with them too and even learn some home life hacks. If you ever wonder why the most little annoying things happen around your house or how to clean an appliance a special way, look no further than the experts in cooking and cleaning to help you out. World of Whirlpool contains 14 operational kitchens for you to explore and, during the warmer weather, you will want to hang out on their outdoor areas overlooking the Chicago River. While their experience center is open to the public, their penthouse is by invitation only.

World of Whirlpool also holds events such as making pasta from scratch, meal prepping, chopping skills, homemade bagels, and more. These events walk you through the pro tips of how to run your household like no other. You can register online, and it’s based off a first-come-first-serve basis.

World of Whirlpool Events
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