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World Erotic Art

I bet you've never imagined seeing the words, "Erotic Museum" together. We can thank Miami, Florida for always challenging boundaries. From art pieces representing Africa and Asia to glass and folk art, this museum showcases the evolvement of erotic behavior through time and culture. This erotic world of wonder founded by Naomi Wilzig in 2005 is unique of its kind since it's the only museum dedicated to erotic fine art in the U.S.


Naomi Wilzig's passion began over 20 years ago when her son, Sir Ivan, asked her to pick a few erotic art pieces for his apartment. She had already been interested in collecting antiques but discovered a new avenue of art through erotic art. Over time, she accumulated a personal collection, which is now one of the most renowned erotic fine art collections in the world—a unique staple in art-collecting history.

The Artwork

Visitors can browse 20 rooms filled with over 12,000 square feet of artwork. The Museum showcases artwork from artists like Picasso, Rembrandt, Dalí, Fernando Botero, Robert Maplethorpe, Helmut Newton, and Bunny Yeager also including over 4,000 art pieces, ranging from 300 BCE and beyond. You can find all things historically erotic, from Chinese porcelain plates depicting sexual intercourse, genitalia sculptures, erotic Japanese carvings and paintings, and a gold 8 foot-tall fiberglass penis. No, I'm not joking about that last one. It's highly encouraged to take a photo with the fiberglass penis too!

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World Erotic Art

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