Woodlawn: An Introduction

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Woodlawn Community Gardens/Woodlawn: An Introduction
Angela Zhao
Written By Angela Zhao


Woodlawn is a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago with a history entrenched in race, class and social justice issues. Since the 1960s, the population has shifted dramatically: the population of over 80,000 decreased to 27,000 in 40 years. White middle-class residents fled the area as thousands of African-Americans moved in after World War II, largely from the south, seeking jobs in a booming industrial Chicago. As the neighborhood faced declining populations for the next half century, poverty and crime rates increased. Yet today, Woodlawn is undergoing revival. “The Woodlawn community is a very activist community” says Joyce Nimocks, the Woodlawn Children’s Promise Community committee member. Due to the efforts of community members, a network of Woodlawn organizations work together to better education, public safety, economic development and health in the neighborhood. 

This tour specifically focuses on the area of Community Gardens as a way Woodlawn identified that improves neighborhood health and safety problems. With numerous empty lots populating the landscape, urban gardening has become a praised way of repurposing unused land for urban beautification and personal health benefits. Each garden has its own unique history, structure, membership and aims. In this tour, I introduce you to four Woodlawn Gardens that serve this budding community. 

Demographics (2010)

Population: 26,853

Racial/Ethnic Makeup: 91% Black, 4.7% White

Median Household Income: $25,454

Federal Poverty Level (family of 4): $22, 314

Neighborhood Map

Community Gardens Map

65th & Woodlawn Community Garden

Brickyard Garden - 6115 S Woodlawn Ave

Ellis View Garden - 6368 S Ellis Ave

Mosaic Stepping Stone Project - 6532 S Ingleside Ave

William Hill Sculpture Garden - 5442 S Dorchester Ave

6100 S St. Lawrence Block Club

West Woodlawn Botanic Garden Park - S St. Lawrence Ave & E 60th St

Inspired Garden - 54th & Drexel Ave

62nd Garden - 1364 E 62nd St

Till Learning Garden (Defunct) - 6612 S Champlain Ave


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Woodlawn Community Gardens

Woodlawn: An Introduction

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