Wind Through Four Points

50 S Military Trail West Palm Beach

Public Art Tour of The Palm Beaches/Wind Through Four Points
VAMONDE West Palm Beach
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Art Reflecting Life

West Palm Beach, like any coastal city, has been shaped by the winds coming from the sea. It brought ships and therefore commerce in the distant past, it brings relief to hot beachgoers, and, in the direst conditions, can leave a trail of destruction in its wake. Artist Gary L. Moore captured West Palm Beach’s relationship with the wind in his piece "Wind Through Four Points," installed in the Four Points Office Building on Military Trail in 2011. Moore is a known artist who works with architects on multiple projects and follows a philosophy that his art must blend into and complement the aesthetic of the city in which it resides. "Wind Through Four Points" lives up to this goal, designed to invoke the sights and feelings of the tropical paradise that surrounds it, specifically patterns representing the wind, trees, and the roads with accompanying traffic.

Viewing from All Angles

Upon entering the building, the patterns in the window weave the incoming light into a work of art on its own, projecting the patterns onto the floor and walls inside the Four Points Office Building’s entryway. The window itself was crafted with silk-screened enamel on tempered glass and several other materials. While "Wind Through Four Points," is a very abstract work, its installation has a more direct connection with the wind it was built to represent. The piece was installed during renovations on the Four Points Office Building designed to better prepare the building for hurricanes and other severe weather. If you are interested in abstract art, this is a must-see.

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Image by Robin Hill courtesy of Palm Beach County.

Public Art Tour of The Palm Beaches

Wind Through Four Points

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