Winchester Mystery House

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Winchester Mystery House

In 1884, a woman named Sarah Winchester traveled from New Haven, Connecticut, to San Jose, California in order to start a new life after her daughter and husband died. She was heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune and she bought a small farmhouse that renovated to the point that it became the Winchester Mystery House. Over the course of five decades, Sara Winchester created what is currently known as the Winchester Mystery House, hosting thousands of visitors each year. Since its construction, the property was claimed by many to be haunted by ghosts.

By the time she was done, the Winchester House became a mansion with over 160 rooms, 40 bedrooms, 6 kitchens, and 10,000 windows. When Sarah died in 1922, all of her possessions were given to her niece, who sold it in a private auction. However, the house didn't have the value that it should because it was hit years before by an earthquake that destroyed most of it. The price was $135,000. It was bought by John and Mayme Brown, who opened it to the public, serving as the first tour guides.

Today, the Winchester Mystery House is owned by Winchester Investments LLC, a privately held company that represents the descendants of John and Mayme Brown. The home retains unique touches that reflect Mrs. Winchester's beliefs and her concern with warding off malevolent spirits. There are theories that mention that these spirits inspired her to build the house in a specific way. Whether it is a myth or not, you can definitely take your own conclusions when exploring this mystery mansion.

Cover Picture by Mike Shelby on Flickr. Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0). Information Sourced from Wikipedia.

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36 Hours in San Jose

Winchester Mystery House

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