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The Whittier Cafe

The Whittier Cafe is more than a cozy spot to enjoy a casual cup of coffee and a good book from their community-supported lending library. It's also a city-wide gathering space for poets, thinkers, knitters, and even folks simply looking for a quaint place to enjoy a hot beverage or a meal. In the annual Best of Denver awards, the Whittier Cafe was recognized at the Best Coffee Shop for Activists in 2019. Its community-centric events get folks involved through book fairs for local writers, politician and community organizer talks, film viewings, and sponsored discussions to stimulate progressive thinking in Denver.

The kid-friendly cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, offering a wide selection of fresh-roasted coffee and teas, plus sandwiches, ice cream and more. Beer and wine are also available. In addition to its interior space, there is an inviting outdoor patio with plenty of room for all.

Bringing Africa to Denver

Whittier Cafe is proud to be Denver's only cafe with an African espresso bar. Africa is coffee's continent of origin, and to honor that heritage, all of the coffee and espresso served at Whittier Cafe is from an African nation. They also host free Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonies on Sundays. During the ceremony, they brew the coffee in a clay pot called a "jebena." The YouTube video below depicts the coffee ceremony at the Whittier Cafe:

Social Justice on the Side

As part of its important work in the community, the Whittier Cafe offers a social justice fund for folks who can't afford their cup of coffee or want to contribute. Travelers and locals can support this fund in person or online. Supporters who can't get out to Denver right now can also support the cause through an online purchase. Whittier Cafe sells T-shirts, pounds of coffee, Ethiopian coffee pots, and other items in their store and online.

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Whittier Cafe

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