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LGBTQ History Tour in Charlotte/White Rabbit Novelty and Book Store
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White Rabbit Books and Things

Visions of Rainbows

White Rabbit Books and Things was the creative genius of John Neal. He was initially in the business of selling calligraphy supplies in the state. It was in 1983 that the vision of White Rabbit Books and Things began to take shape. John started by selling gay literature in his store, and then little by little, added novelty items. Basically, anything that could have a rainbow designed on it was inventory in the store. These additions, along with the advancement of technology, moved the store toward the "things" part of White Rabbit Books and Things.

A Perfect Outing

In the early years of the store, John and his partners noticed the impact they were having. When books were a larger part of the inventory, people would come in looking for guidance on coming out. John and the other employees would make suggestions to help ease the anxiety and fear of sharing something so personal. They knew they were making a difference. They could see the impact that the store was having on the LGBTQ community. Society still has a long way to go in the way of equality, but decades ago, coming out in North Carolina was a more harrowing act than it is today. White Rabbit Books and Things, as it was then, existed to make it easier.

"Don We Now Our Gay Apparel"

White Rabbit is considered THE spot for the LGBTQ community to shop. They have it all here! They still carry a selection of print materials (books, magazines and greeting cards); but they now have clothing. Here, you'll find T-shirts, swimwear and even rainbow-colored underwear! During your visit to Charlotte, you can pick up some pretty awesome gifts here too. They've got jewelry and other gift items. The store has gotten rave reviews and the gratitude shown by the LGBTQ community is immense. You'll want to bypass the "I [heart] NC" T-shirts and head down the "rabbit hole" for a unique shopping experience.

Cover Image Credit: Michael Dziedzic via unsplash.com

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LGBTQ History Tour in Charlotte

White Rabbit Novelty and Book Store

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