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West Palm Beach Escape Rooms

When you’re hanging out in South Florida, the heat can get pretty intense. But one place you can stay cool and relaxed, and have some fun, is at the West Palm Beach Escape Rooms. You’ll find several adventures to be had in air-conditioned rooms with whatever size group you’ve brought along for the ride. An escape room – or escape game – puts a team of players together into a single space where the team has to work as a cooperative unit to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks. And all that leads to open doors and the “escape” from the room. These are actually inspired by the “escape-the-room” video games. There are loads of game types that can be found at West Palm Beach Escape Rooms. You can try any of these with your family, group of friends, or even as a work team-building game for co-workers.

The Secret Society

In the first of the escape room games, you attempt to become The Secret Society Escapists in just 60 minutes. You must complete challenges that could be solved only by “the greatest and most intelligent” people of the world. Using observation, the power of deduction, and that good old puzzle solving know-how, this difficult challenge is packed with intrigue and fun.

The Study

For a more rustic escape setting, try the Study. You arrive at the cabin – an abandoned home with unfinished paperwork and experiments that lead to a countdown clock. You must search for and find the lost prized painting in just one hour.

The Classroom Adventure

For a 1980s throwback adventure, try the Classroom Adventure. Mrs. Elvira Price disappears, leaving her 5th-grade classroom – and now the place is empty, abandoned, and one of the great mysteries nearby. You’ll be trapped inside where you might hear the teacher’s long-silent voice coming through the walls of the boarded-up classroom. You’ll have to find her before you can get out – and you have just one hour to do it.

The Bomb

Trapped in a bunker far beneath the desert, you and your team have to travel through the rooms to get to the ticking bomb before it’s too late. Solve puzzles, wind your way through mazes, unriddle cryptic ciphers, and use that logic to find the bomb and defuse it before the smoke turns to more than just a cough-inducer.

The Spy Story Saga

Top-secret clearance level is required for the Spy Story Saga. You and your friends must defeat the enemy in within an hour by uncovering secret enemy agents all over the world. Your contact is gone and there’s a mole giving away the nation’s most critical information. The fate of the free world rests on your shoulders.

Bring along your friends and family for a fun, intriguing hour of mystery solving as a great way to stay out of the West Palm Beach heat.

Escape the heat!

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West Palm Beach Escape Rooms

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