Weaving the stories of old and new Nicollet

Explore Nicollet Architecture/Weaving the stories of old and new Nicollet
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The new Nicollet--completely renovated in 2017--offers a greener and more pedestrian friendly experience for all who live, work or visit downtown Minneapolis. But the Mall and the buildings that line its 12-block length also have interesting histories that span more than a century and parallel the growth of Minneapolis. From the late 1800s “Mill City”-era to today’s evolving retail, entertainment and financial focus (including three Fortune 500 companies), Nicollet has been the center of downtown.

This 13-stop tour, with accompanying photographs, weaves together the stories of Nicollet Mall’s significant buildings, architectural features and the people who created them.

This tour was created by architectural historian Richard L. Kronick and photographer Sam Goertz with support from the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District.

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Explore Nicollet Architecture

Weaving the stories of old and new Nicollet

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