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Theatre Tour: Dallas/WaterTower Theatre
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WaterTower Theatre

WaterTower Theatre is a place of crowd-pleasing shows and riskier fare. Not choosing to conform, this theater often chooses shocking material to perform. It is the risky choices they make that set them apart as a company. Founded in 1996, the theatre is one of Texas' leading professional theatre companies. They have been vital in developing new performers, artists, and audiences and have been at the center of Addison's art scene, which is located in the greater Dallas area. Below is a preview of the upcoming shows during the 2019-2020 seasonal lineup.

Grand Vision

Their primary vision is to unite the local with the world, making Dallas and Addison the core of their value structure. They seek to push the medium of the art form itself and give theatrical performances which express something new to the masses. WaterTower Theatre is committed to diversity, both in content and in artist selection. They hope to be a national artistic voice for the performing arts and to use their gifts and talents to leave a positive impact on theatre-goers. They guarantee that every theatre experience will bring something different, whether it is a new point of view, a new genre, or just a new experience. In the process, both WaterTower and the audience will grow and evolve.

Below is a preview from one of their shows, Everything is Wonderful.

Three in One

The venue itself is home to three different theatres, all of which are different in size and shape. WaterTower Theatre is housed in the Addison Theatre Centre, which is 32,000-square-feet in size. The Main stage seats about 240, the Studio Theatre seats about 100, and the Stone Cottage seats around 50. Be sure to check out these spaces next time you visit Dallas.

WaterTower Theatre

Cover Photo Credit: "Staging Theatre Emotion" by Mauricio Keller Keller via Pixabay.

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Theatre Tour: Dallas

WaterTower Theatre

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