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Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center is the number one place to explore and engage in contemporary art in the Twin Cities. Internationally regarded as avant-garde and a preeminent contemporary art site, the Walker Art Center pushes the limits of innovation. Keep reading to get inspired and plan your visit!

Home is Where the Art Is

The humble beginnings of the Walker Art Center are no indication of small ideas. Founder, T.B. Walker, a lumber baron, began what is now known as the Walker Art Center out of his home in the late 1800s. He displayed some of his personal collections throughout a separate wing he built and invited the public to come and see. Over the years, he expanded the modest space and it continued to grow to 14 rooms before he built what the Twin Cities know as the Walker Art Center today.

Artful Offerings

The exhibits and programs offered by the Walker Art Center go beyond paintings and sculptures. Contemporary art enthusiasts will appreciate the attention to detail in the museum's design and exhibition layout. Newcomers to contemporary art will enjoy exploring the genre in all its facets. Along with visual art displays, there's performance art and cinema. The exhibitions and programs, in all their forms, aim not just to entertain, but to inspire, educate, and engage. You'll find unique programming that reflects the community in which the museum is established. You'll learn not only about the history of contemporary art in Minneapolis but its future as well. Exhibits like the Chalk Room deserve an honorable mention for its invitation encouraging guests to leave their own artistic marks. The Walker Art Center also curates another must-see in this story, the adjacent Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, an urban sculpture park. Together these centers for contemporary art draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Take some time to visit this engaging museum on your next visit to Minneapolis!

Walker Art Center

Cover Image Credit: Josh Haroldson via Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Walker Art Center

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