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Virginia State Capitol

Discovering Democracy

The Virginia State Capitol is not just important to Virginia, but also nationally significant as well. Ever since the construction of the structure was completed in 1788, it has remained an active place where legislative decisions are made. It's still the meeting place of the Virginia General Assembly, which was established in the early 17th century. The Virginia Assembly is America's very first legislature. On a guided tour, you'll discover the various conventions, assemblies, and landmark decisions that took place here.

Designing History

The Romanesque columns of the state's Capitol building were the idea of the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was aided in designing this now iconic structure by a man in France named Charles-Louis Clérisseau. They modeled the Capitol's design after a Roman temple in the South of France called Maison Carrée. Looking at the building with its robust columns brings to mind the powerful decisions being made behind these walls. From the grand entrance to the meeting chambers, the design is immaculate.

Historic Happenings

Serving as a host to government business in one capacity or another, the Virginia State Capitol building still holds national significance. It's not just a place for visitors to come and learn about historic events that helped shape a nation. It is not just a shrine to what once was. The Virginia State Capitol is an active part of state and Federal government. Here the Virginia General Assembly, House, and Senate have offices and meetings for all three convene.

Take a guided tour to get the most out of your visit. The tour guides are informative and engaging.

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Did you know?

The Virginia State Capitol was once featured on Confederate currency.

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Virginia State Capitol

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