Virginia Repertory Theatre

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Famous Movie Spots in Richmond/Virginia Repertory Theatre
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Virginia Repertory Theatre

Even though the Virginia Repertory Theatre was formed by a merger between the Barksdale Theatre and Theatre IV in 2012, this is still a historic site that means a lot to the community and to visitors alike. The Barksdale was originally founded in 1953 and was the first professional theatre in central Virginia. After discovering that people like to eat during their night out, they created the first-ever dinner theatre in the United States. The film 'Lincoln' starring Daniel Day-Lewis has scenes from all over Richmond, including at the Virginia Repertory Theatre. The Steven Spielberg movie was shot partly in the theatre and included Day-Lewis as well as Sally Field. With two Oscars​, the movie is well known and it is such a fun opportunity to see places where the film took place.

'Lincoln' is set during the time of the American Civil War, and President Lincoln is shown dealing with the continuing battles as well as those within his cabinet who are causing issues. The film does a great job​ giving a look at the last few months of the life of Abraham Lincoln - both personally and politically. One of the best ways to see the theatre for yourself is to attend a production that is currently running. This lets you get a great view of the theatre from the inside and to see it how it was meant to be seen. There is also an initiative called Rep 35 that allows patrons between the ages of 21-35 free membership and discounted tickets during Signature Season.

One of the best ways to see the theatre is by attending a show!

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Famous Movie Spots in Richmond

Virginia Repertory Theatre

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