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Upton’s Naturals is a common product at many grocery stores, a company that creates vegan-friendly meat substitutes and other plant-based products such as Italian Seitan, Thai Curry Jackfruit, Cheesy Bacon Mac (also vegan-friendly), and Thai curry noodle. Their variations are still expanding with more flavors and substitutes for the plant-based community. From building the company in 2005 with their very first product, Italian Seitan, this independently owned Natural Foods Company has expanded and has become one of the staple brands for a plant-based alternative.

Since the company moved its ever-growing business to a building in West Town, Upton’s Breakroom was built as a simple café slash restaurant to serve quick vegan bites to the employees and the community of Chicago. It became an opportunity to interact with the customers outside of the grocery stores as the brand expanded nationwide and worldwide.

The menu offers 100 percent vegan dishes from Dinner Delux Burger, Nacho Plate, and Breakfast Tacos to Soft Serve Ice Cream. Upton’s Naturals has come a long way, as at the beginning of their brand launch, veganism was not a popular diet in the U.S. The team decided to include a vegetarian/vegan label to advocate the vegan diet and to normalize the plant-based alternative. Since then, the brand has continued to grow with better vegan options. Upton's Breakroom is open every day of the week from 11 AM to 7:30 PM and on the weekends, they serve brunch. When you arrive, head to the counter to order and then take your seat—they will bring you your order when it is ready.

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Ashland Green Line

Upton's Breakroom

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