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Theatre Tour: Dallas/Undermain Theatre
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Undermain Theatre

Not all theatre is meant to be safe. It is through experimenting with what works and what doesn't work that true art comes alive. Undermain Theatre takes this to heart. Formed in 1984 in Deep Ellum during an intense period of experimental theater in Dallas, they have continued to rock audiences with their performances. Their groundbreaking venue has produced a wide range of experimental plays throughout the decades. The following video celebrates their 35th anniversary.

Underground Theatre

Undermain is an underground theatre... literally. Over 30 years ago, the group of artists came together and turned a warehouse basement into a performing arts space. The theatre sits below the century-old Interstate Forwarding Company on Main Street. Because of this, they named themselves Undermain Theatre. Below is a video stating why you should choose Undermain.

National Reputation

Since its formation, the Undermain Theatre has acquired a national reputation for excellence in the dramatic and performing arts. Having been described by newspapers as one of the best small theatres in America, they have mastered the art of performance. They have garnered world-wide talent onto their team and it shows. Their shows are challenging and raw, highlighting that theatre does not always have to be predictable and safe. This final video showcases one of their recent shows, An Iliad.

Pinnacle of Small Theatre

With national acclaim and a knack for experimentation, Undermain Theatre stands above many other similar venues. This company serves about 5,500 viewers each season and their seasons are continuing to grow. Undermain Theatre showcases new works, revisits modern works, and reimagines classic works, all in an experimental orientation. If experimental theatre is your forte, then come down to Undermain Theatre.

Undermain Theatre

Cover Photo Credit: "My brother recently landed a feature ..." by Kyle Head via Unsplash.

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Theatre Tour: Dallas

Undermain Theatre

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