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Sometimes a store is like a story, waiting to be written. Every time you pass through it you discover something strange, something fun, or some reminder of a time long gone from your life. 

Uncommon Objects has been keeping Austin weird since 1991. Its catchphrase is “Raw Materials for Creative Giving.”  

Over two dozen antique dealers work with Uncommon Objects to ensure the oddities set before you are up to par. . . or at the very least, just bizarre. It’s not just antique-lovers who fall for Uncommon Objects. There's something here for the history buffs looking to breathe in the American experience and artisans in love with folk art or eager for their next fix-it challenge.

Owner Steve Wiman has spent the last 26 years coaxing the store's unique feel out of what items it sells and where they are placed in the store. His kids have grown up helping run the place.

"I know that sometimes people step up and buy something, that they couldn't tell you exactly why they're buying it, but there's that emotional, sentimental pull..." -- Owner Steve Wiman

The store pops up as a top contender in a Google search for "things to do in Austin." Many Texans make it part of their plans each and every time they're in the city. In fact, that's how many of its artisans and antique dealers came to sell work in the store -- they started as fascinated admirers. 

Then, there are those objects that tell you more about their original owner than you could learn from a five-minute meeting with a name and a handshake: old jewelry, old books, and old dolls.  

You might think it odd, this sort of place. Or odd that it is so popular. But no other place in Austin can show you more of what Austin is, peeling back the veil over its citizens -- past and present -- and letting you into their living rooms, letting you pull things out of their cabinets to see their treasures and, through them, their very lives.   


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Cover photo credit weartwelve via Instagram.

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Stay Weird, Austin

Uncommon Objects

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