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Capomaggi + Geraci


The typical urban fabric of the Clearing East neighborhood is a pattern of two-story, single-family houses divided into two separate living units (two-flats) that share a front and back yard. This proposal turns that traditional design around, bringing the outdoor space within and reconfiguring its shape so that it offers each separate house its own private interior courtyard. 

The two L-shaped houses define a continuous “S” that pushes out to the lot lines and distorts the dimensions of each building, making them look larger than what they are. From the upper floor, the views of the houses cross each other diagonally, spanning the courtyards through the lowest points of the roof. 

The project generates its own landscape, enhancing the subdivision between the properties. At the same time, the design plays with each one being different yet not individually distinguishable, of being a distorted copy of themselves without one being a model of the other.

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Two in One

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