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Quintessential Old Town/Twin Anchors Restaurant & Tavern
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Walking into Twin Anchors is like taking a time machine back to the early 1930’s in Chicago. Located in a historic Old Town building that dates back to 1881, Twin Anchors Restaurant & Tavern is one of Chicago’s oldest restaurants. Since its opening in 1932, Twin Anchors has been known for its tender, barbequed, baby-back ribs, perfect for a quaint neighborhood tavern.

A notorious speakeasy during prohibition, it was fondly known as “Tante Lee Soft Drinks” and provided refreshments for the “thirsty” in this location. See if you can spot the old door to the speakeasy!

Where Frank came to drink

In the early 1950’s, Frank Sinatra made his first visit to Twin Anchors, which soon became one of his favorite Chicago stops. Whenever Sinatra stopped by, one of his bodyguards would post up at the pay phone to prevent patrons from making outside calls that were sure to cause a mob scene.

A Must Have for Two Face

Featured in two major motion pictures, you may have already seen Twin Anchors! The first was the 1999 film "Return to Me", directed by long time friend and customer Bonnie Hunt, which exposed many new people to the charm of this quaint and timeless corner restaurant. In 2008, The Dark Knight featured a scene in which Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two Face, makes an appearance and has a conversation that ends badly for a corrupt detective. Twin Anchors was also privileged to host Conan O'Brien on several occasions, as it’s one of his 10 "Must Haves" in Entertainment Weekly.

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Quintessential Old Town

Twin Anchors Restaurant & Tavern

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