Tweet Street Urban Bird Houses

Ninth Ave & Date St San Diego

Public Art Walking Tour in San Diego/Tweet Street Urban Bird Houses
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Tweet Street Urban Bird Houses

In the modern age, even birdhouses need to be updated. To keep up with the latest trends in housing innovation, the Cortez Hill neighborhood installed the Tweet Street Urban Bird Houses. Featuring the works of local architects, designers, and artists, it showcases how architecture can be both beautiful and useful. The birdhouse creators were asked to make homes which would attract indigenous birds, especially the Bewick’s Wren. The designs themselves were made under the supervision of bird experts. Tweet Street Park and Bird Houses can be found on Date Street between Seventh and Ninth Avenues, located in the Cortez Hill Neighborhood.

Public Trail & Park

The display exists as a trail and a park, where visitors walk along a linear path. As they walk along, spectators can view the handcrafted perches, each of which sits up brightly colored poles to signify where the birdhouses are. The public artworks of Tweet Street are here to remind everyone that humans are not separate from their environments, but are instead a vital part of it. Here, humanity is reminded that they are not the only tenants on planet Earth.

A Better Life for All

What started as a local competition became a community event, bringing together neighbors to work toward the common goal of making the area livable for all those residing there. Existing as both an environmental movement and an artistic display, the Tweet Street Urban Bird Houses helps to redefine the urban environment. 15 years in the making, Tweet Street shows how art can be both functional and environmentally effective. By bringing back the native birds, these birdhouses will help balance the natural ecosystem for the future.

Cover Image: "Refuge" by Benson Kua is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Public Art Walking Tour in San Diego

Tweet Street Urban Bird Houses

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