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True Food Kitchen serves 25 communities all over the United States including Arizona, California, Illinois, and Virginia few but they are planning on opening up more locations due to its popularity.

Dr. Andrew Weil is the founder and owner of True Food Kitchen. As a doctor of integrative medicine and a physician, his philosophy is, “food should make you feel better, not worse.” Unlike other healthy restaurants where their menus are all the same, True Food Kitchen values their uniqueness and care deepling about their customers. Their motto is "we treat every guest as an individual. Because they are." True Food Kitchen's craft menu offers gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and creating your own dishes. They also have seasonal menus. For example, their fall menu ingredients includes pomegranate lLoaded with fiber and potassium), butternut squash (filled with vitamin A), Brussel sprouts (boost energy levels), ginger (improves digestive), mulberries (steady blood sweet) and sweet potato noodles.

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If you're big on healthy living like a celebrity, Oprah recently invested in True Food Kitchen back in July 2018. True Food Kitchen also offers fun events, yoga classes, festivals, and food sampling depending on your location.

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