Transportation Building

1686 E Hayes Dr Chicago

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HistoryCop was founded by Ray Johnson, a life-long Chicago area resident and history buff who is a former criminal investigator.

The Transportation Building

Nearby Exhibits

The Mines Building

Just east of the Transportation building is a building that didn't get much press, The Mines Building. When exiting Wooded Island headed south toward the Court of Honor you would have been walking between the Mines building on your right and the Electricity Building on your left.

Tubal Cain Statue

I love locating things from the Columbian Expo. I had heard that a Chicago company had purchased a large bronze statue of Tubal Cain from the Strumm Bros. exhibit at the Mines Building. I was able to trace it through the 1950s but then lost track of it. I finally located it at the Dreis and Krump factory in Peotone where the company finally took it out of storage in 2000 to install it inside of their machine shop.

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The 1893 World's Columbian Exposition

Transportation Building

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