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History of Orlando/Tourism in History
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Tourism in History

One of the most critical events for Orlando's economy happened in 1965 when Walt Disney announced plans to build Disney World. He first had plans to build it in Miami or Tampa but the reason why it didn't work it was because these areas were more exposed to hurricanes. Orlando was the chosen place, a very accurate decision that led to the upcoming success.

In 1971 the complex, owned and operated by Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, opened. That led to economic growth for the Orlando metropolitan area (Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Lake counties). People from over the world traveled to visit this place which slogan has always been "Disney World, where dreams come true". Its theme parks, resorts, and entertainment venues have been popular for the wonderful customer service provided, making their guests go again and spread their message to others. Since its opening, Orlando's tourism became the center of the area's economy and there are plans to keep having progress. Today, the city has more entertainment attractions than anywhere in the world. Another major factor that contributed to Orlando's growth happened in 1962, when the new Orlando Jetport (precursor of Orlando International Airport), was built from a portion of the McCoy Air Force Base. By 1970, four major airlines, including Delta Air Lines, National Airlines, Eastern Airlines, and Southern Airways started to schedule flights. McCoy Air Force Base officially closed in 1975, and most of it is now part of the airport.

Information sourced from Wikipedia. Cover Photo by Renato Mitra on Unsplash

History of Orlando

Tourism in History

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