The Wilde Collection

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Shopping in Houston/The Wilde Collection
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The Wilde Collection

If you are in the search for something that is out of the ordinary, The Wilde Collection will be your new favorite shop! What makes this particular place even more unique is that they are not the same as most oddity/curiosity shops that are out there in many ways. From the store environment to the products they sell, their goal instead is to provide a sense of wonder to their customers. From items that are believed to be haunted to artifacts from around the world, The Wilde Collection offers a rare shopping experience. You will find a collection of unusual and bizarre art that is sure to grab your attention.

This shop shows inspirations from the owner's love of Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe. The environment that you will experience includes an obscure aesthetic that is also elegant, eccentric and also has a little bit of an eerie feel. Perhaps one of the biggest draws to the store are the items that they have which included a haunted story. One example includes​ the Axman Letter and Majorie’s Ouija Board. Marjorie Grigs was a psychic from New Orleans during the Axman murders. During a routine seance, she said that the Axman began to contact her through the board, telling her that he could still get to her. He was never found. The Wilde Collection is nothing if not an interesting place to do some shopping while you are on vacation. If you are interested in the eerie, unnatural, eclectic or haunted, you will find yourself spending quite some time wandering around The Wilde Collection while in Houston.

Many items in the store have a haunted background

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Shopping in Houston

The Wilde Collection

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