The Washington National Cathedral

3101 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington

Hidden Gems of Washington, D.C./The Washington National Cathedral
VAMONDE Washington D.C.
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The Washington National Cathedral

Nationally Known

The Washington National Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece. With flying buttresses, dramatically high vaulted ceilings, richly-colored stained glass, and menacing-looking gargoyles it's an experience just looking at it! Constructed in the early 1900s, this church has endured many changes. However, one thing remains constant: the church was to be a church for all. Officially headed by the Episcopal church, the National Cathedral has been host to services for other religions too including the Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, and Jewish faiths. The church is viewed by many as a national icon of faith and community.

Many solemn and special occasions of national significance have taken place at the Washington National Cathedral. Post-inaugural prayer services for several presidents happened here. When a tragedy befell the country, people from all over gathered for prayer vigils and remembrance services. Funerals and memorial services for several presidents were performed under this sacred roof as well. Did you know that the ashes of Helen Keller were interred here?

Hidden Gem?

So, why is the Washington National Cathedral on the list of the hidden gems? Well, few people know about or have taken advantage of the incredible ACOUSTICS of this place! Seriously, on any given day, you can find church choirs, school choirs, groups of musically-gifted friends or a soloist singing in these hallowed chambers. People who are just there to visit suddenly turn the place into a jam session of undiscovered talent. The melodies and harmonies reverberating off of every wall will stop you in your tracks. The sounds are, in a word, heavenly.

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Hidden Gems of Washington, D.C.

The Washington National Cathedral

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