The Virginia State Capitol

1000 Bank St Richmond

Famous Movie Spots in Richmond/The Virginia State Capitol
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The Virginia State Capitol

The Virginia State Capitol is a beautiful and historic building that you will definitely want to see during your visit to Richmond. This location is home to the oldest legislative body in North America​ and was completed in 1788. The design of the Capitol has been credited back to Thomas Jefferson along with French architect Charles-Louis Clérisseau. The perfect movie was filmed here that goes along with the political environment. The film 'Lincoln', directed by Steven Spielberg, was filmed almost entirely in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Starring actor Daniel Day-Lewis, this film was a huge hit with both the general public as well as the historical community.

'Lincoln' depicts the story of former President Abraham Lincoln during his final few months in office. The State Capitol building plays a large part in the movie since there are many scenes that were filmed within the property. During filming, the main use of the building was as a stand-in for the United States Capitol building. Along with the movie 'Lincoln', there have also been other filmings that have taken place at this location. The history documentary series known as 'Legends & Lies' has used parts of the building. During 2015, 'Legends & Lies' featured the State Capitol in a total of five episodes. In 1993, the comedy film 'Dave' with actress Sigourney Weaver was filmed here. The chamber of the House of Delegates was used as a stand-in for the US House of Representatives where one of the characters addresses Congress.

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The Capitol offers many free guided tours throughout the property
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Famous Movie Spots in Richmond

The Virginia State Capitol

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