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Described as one of the “sexiest places in the world” by Cosmopolitan Magazine, the Underground provides guests with a taste of the exclusive and illustrious club lifestyle. Before River North became the club hotspot of Chicago, it was just a simple neighborhood with regular attractions. The Underground was the first nightclub in River North back in 2006 and is currently one of the oldest active nightclubs in Chicago. It helped to jumpstart the upscale environment this neighborhood is today, but don’t be fooled by how old it is, The Underground remains to be an extremely sought after nightlife location.

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Billy Dec was the designer behind the project and it is said that he knew from the beginning that it was going to be a success. He created it to look like an underground bunker that could have been the secret-hideout for a ‘90s supervillain. This theme is magnified through its​ massive shimmering world map that covers an entire wall. Their dress code mimics this impressive setting and is one of the strictest in the city. Cocktail attire is mainly recommended but just make sure you look well put together and, of course, fashionable. Avoid anything remotely resembling sportswear, unless you’d rather enjoy standing in a line all night. Of all of the places in Chicago, this is one where you definitely want to be on the bouncer's list. They are relatively selective when they choose who to let in.

If you happen to be interested in elevating your night with bottle service, a VIP experience, or a private table, make sure you fill out their table reservation form ahead of time because they tend to get scooped up relatively quickly. The recent addition of the Lounge within the club provided more space for guests, which was a necessity due to its​ popularity. There isn’t a dance floor inside of this hot spot, but there is a trendy collection of tables, giving you room to dance around with your friends and mingle with new people. Said to innovate Chicago parties, the Underground books the most impressive forms of entertainment available. For a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience, The Underground is the place to be if you can manage to get inside!

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