The St. Valentines Day Massacre

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Chicago's Public Enemy #1/The St. Valentines Day Massacre
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On February 14, 1929, six members of the Bugs Moran gang were cornered in a parking garage by a group of men dressed as police and wielding tommy guns. Along with one unlucky bystander, the gangsters were made to stand in a line against a wall and were then shot.  

Although the St. Valentines Day Massacre is a bloody stain on Chicago history, some good did come of it. Because of the horrific details depicted in newspapers, the public outcry for a stop to the violence became so clamorous that the investigation into Capone's crime kingdom intensified and eventually resulted in his arrest in 1931.

The Wall

The wall that the Bugs Moran gang was murdered against belonged to the SMG Cartridge Company Garage and was demolished in 1967, but the ten-foot stretch of brick was bought at auction by Canadian businessman George Patey and was remade into a men's room wall in a nightclub in Vancouver. Patey covered the wall with plexiglass and painted it with targets that would trigger the urinals' flush when patrons hit them with their pee. The wall now resides in the Mob Museum in Las Vegas.

The Scene of the crime

Today, the spot where the massacre occurred can be found in a small fenced off lawn that belongs to a nearby nursing home. Five trees form a rough line in the lot. The tree in the center marks the location where the murders were committed. 

"I have built my organization upon fear."-Al Capone

Cover photo credit: Chicago Crime Scenes via Flickr

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Chicago's Public Enemy #1

The St. Valentines Day Massacre

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