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Hidden Gems of Grand Rapids/The Spirit of Rock and Roll
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The Reverend Charles Preston Smith wanted his band, The Potato Babies, to perform on Record Store Day. Unfortunately, no record store would agree to let The Potato Babies jam in front of their establishment, but the Reverend was adamant. Charles went down to Dodd's Record store where he knew the elderly owner wouldn't bother him. The musician set up a sound system outside and snuck into the store to use the power outlets. They rocked outside and the concert went off without a hitch. They did this year after year, until one year the honorable Reverend thought it would be a good idea to climb onto the roof and rock out up there.

After the concert Charles got a call. "Are you the young man who has been climbing onto the roof and playing music?" The voice on the other end asked. Charles knew he was in trouble, but he couldn't very well deny it. However, the caller wasn't seeking vengeance. On the contrary, it was the child of the record store's owner who was calling. Their father, who had owned the record store since it opened, was ninety years old and couldn't run the shop anymore. They wanted to see if Charles would buy the place.

Charles did buy the place. It was only later that he learned he was the owner of the oldest record shop in Michigan. Since then he has been the owner of Dod's record store and he still rocks out every record store day. You can see him in the video above wielding a leaf blower with a roll of toilet paper on the end. For a closer look at the record store check out the video below. If you watch closely you can catch another glimpse of Dod in the same green striped shit and grey gotee.

Charles Preston Smith and his band, The Potato Babies, have become personalities known in the rocker circles throughout grand rapids. He earned the nickname "The Reverend" when he agreed to marry a pair of his friends for a halloween themed wedding in a graveyard. He is still rocking in the Grand Rapids area today.

Cover Photo Credit: nicoleleec via Flickr
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Hidden Gems of Grand Rapids

The Spirit of Rock and Roll

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