The Promontory (Top Platform)

10065 100 St NW Edmonton

A tour of the 100 Street Funicular/The Promontory (Top Platform)
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The Promontory, a high point of land overlooking a valley, is the interface between the downtown and the river valley. Visitors decide whether they want to go down the funicular, the urban stair, or whether they want to come and enjoy the view on a lunch break. The Promontory is one of those moments the design team wanted to turn into a plaza space, instead of just an entry point to the funicular.

The Promontory is on both hotel MacDonald and city of Edmonton property. The original concept design directed the Funicular straight down the alignment of the original stairs, landing visitors in the centre of a busy traffic circle surrounded by roads, instead of in the river valley. The intersection is loud and non-pedestrian friendly. The design team was able to work with the hotel MacDonald to swing the alignment of the Funicular, build the bridge across Grierson hill road and get people right on the river valley. This was done to improve the experience from a pedestrian point of view and improve viewpoints. The current placement offers views as users descend the valley. The partnership with the Hotel McDonald creates a space that invites people to gather, hang out, and enjoy food trucks. There is hope that the Promontory will become better connected to MacDonald Drive. There are plans to improve this connection along Hotel MacDonald, as well as potentially, high into the heritage trail across the busy MacDougall Hill Road. For more on this potential, check out the link below. The Funicular is run like a city park. City of Edmonton employees come in every morning to turn on (7am) and evening to turn off (9pm) the funicular.

McDougall Drive redesign Charette - Council for Canadian Urbanism
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A tour of the 100 Street Funicular

The Promontory (Top Platform)

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