The Promenade

Edmonton AB T5J 0N6

Written By MADE

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The Promenade is a boardwalk that takes users along a natural bench that was existing on the slope. This promenade is flanked by The Meadow, which is a new park for downtown Edmonton and the river valley system, highlighted by public art.

The project team worked with artist Jill Anvil to integrate her art piece into the project. Turbulin is her first piece in Edmonton, and it expresses the movement of water through the eddies in the river. The blue curves in the benches are abstractions of the currents you see in the North Saskatchewan river, and the artworks placement in the Meadows is off to the side of the busy thoroughfare, as a place where visitors can stop, gather and have a quiet moment outside of the busy connectivity of the funicular. The team imagined that kids would climb on the curved benches, sit on them and play. It is meant to be a tactile and engaging part of the Funicular project.

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A tour of the 100 Street Funicular

The Promenade

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