The Peristyle

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The Peristyle

The Peristyle was also designed by Charles B. Atwood and was the main entrance to the Court of Honor from the Lake.

The Casino building on the south side of Peristyle was not for gambling but was more or less a rest stop which included washrooms and a cafeteria. The phrase "cafeteria" was coined at the fair to describe those eating areas where people would go up and get their food and bring it back to their tables. A way of feeding large groups of people that the military had figured out long ago but the phrase "chow line" may not have sounded as appetizing or upscale as cafeteria.

The Pier and Moving Sidewalk

Frederick Law Olmsted knew that he didn't want any coal-belching machinery or ships near the "White City" because the soot would soon turn it into the "Gray City" and re-painting would have been an issue. So he made sure that any ships would dock at the end of a 1/2 mile pier and people could walk to the Casino building from there or pay .10 cents to ride on benches on the covered moving sidewalk. The moving sidewalk did break down quite a bit but then again it was the first of its kind so you have to cut them a break.

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The 1893 World's Columbian Exposition

The Peristyle

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