The Organizations Behind the Walking Museum

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The Northwest Portage Walking Museum was created by collaboration between the American Indian Center, the Portage Park Neighborhood Association, and the Chicago Public Art Group, along with assistance from the Metropolitan Planning Council. The vision for these groups is bringing together the community through art, nature, history, and the culture of the area into a unified group of people that are compassionate towards each other and the world around them.

The American Indian Center

The American Indian Center seeks to promote fellowship among the peoples of all Tribes living in the Chicagoland area, and to create healthy communications and positive bonds between Native Americans and non-Indigenous people in the region. Their desire is to advance the general welfare of Native Americans living in metropolitan communities, advance their economic development, and sustain the artistic, cultural and avocational pursuits among their people, while perpetuating the values of the traditions and cultures of the Tribes.

American Indian Center

The Portage Park Neighborhood Association

The Portage Park Neighborhood Association seeks to promote the welface and community spirit of the neighborhood and community their engaging programs, activities, and partnerships, such as with the Northwest Portage Walking Museum.

Portage Park Neighborhood Association

The Metropolitan Planning Council

The Metropolitan Planning Council is working towards a sustainable, prosperous, and equitable Chicagoland region. They work to solve the issues of planning and development, and seek to prepare the region for the needs that lie ahead. They work with the government, business leaders, and community groups to assist the communities and change public policy.

Metropolitan Planning Council

The Chicago Public Art Group

The Chicago Public Art Group is a nonprofit organization that unites artists and communities to produce high quality art that is available to all. As you walk the streets of the city and surrounding areas, you'll notice many pieces on street corners, in parks, and elsewhere. They've been at it for 46 years, keeping the same vision in place. They look to: • Educate communities on the benefits of collaborative public art • Train and educate professional artists • Design and display public works of high quality that connect to the communities in which they reside • Imbue children and adults with creative skills, while supplying the tools needed to put their ideas into transformative works.

Chicago Public Art Group

Northwest Portage Walking Museum

The Organizations Behind the Walking Museum

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