The Monkey's Paw

1067 Bloor St W Toronto

Toronto's Hidden Gems/The Monkey's Paw
Written By VAMONDE Toronto

The Monkey's Paw

This Toronto bookstore truly is a place like no other; it's as interesting and eccentric as its name. A small antique shop, The Monkey's Paw, specializes in rare and usual collections, with a focus on visual culture.

There are a few specific and strict rules that The Monkey's Paw enforces when it comes to books they sell to the public. First, they don't sell any books published after 1980. The older, the better! The store also does not sell any best-sellers or literature on popular subject matter. That's just not how it works around here! Expect to find extremely strange and niche books at this bookstore.

The Biblio-Mat

The main attraction of The Monkey's Paw is definitely the Biblio-Mat. Installed as an artsy and entertaining version of a discount bin, the Biblio-Mat is a coin-operated vending machine that dispenses randomly selected old books. For only a few dollars, you get a surprise book. As a crowd favorite, it certainly lives up to the store's motto of “here you’ll find the book you didn’t know you were looking for.”

Check out how the unique Biblio-mat machine at The Monkey's Paw:

For those interested in learning more about what the Monkey's Paw has to offer, you can check out their remote window display on the shop's website, where you can catch a glimpse of the newly acquired books and also get a taste of its unusual collection.

Take a spin on the Biblio-Mat!

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Toronto's Hidden Gems

The Monkey's Paw

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