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1949 N Hoyne Ave Chicago

Leentje De Leeuw
Written By Leentje De Leeuw

After reporter Leentje De Leeuw interviewed a man in Chicago who was originally from her Belgian hometown of Sint-Amands, the brief encounter lingered in both their minds. They decided to stay in touch and soon fell in love. Not only had Leentje fallen in love with the man, she was also smitten with the city. In September 2014, after many transatlantic flights, Leentje moved to the Windy City. In 2015 she decided to combine her passion for the city with her experience in travel and media, and thus launched her off the beaten path walks and biking tours. As soon as Leentje became a member of the Chicago Tour Guide Professionals Association, Chica-GO was born!

The Map Room opened in 1992 in Bucktown and is our favorite stop when we hit the 606 (AKA The Bloomingdale Trail AKA Chicago's own High Line, except it is much better than New York's and you can also bike it?).

And since there is nothing wrong with a decent fruit beer, we recommend the Lindemans Kriek to start with after your walking or bike tour in the area. After the lighter beer (4%) you are of course free to switch to something with a little more body like the Orval or St Bernardus.

Keep in mind that if you arrive before 11 am, you will have to do with the morning menu. Map Room opens early every morning to serve award-winning coffee, fresh pastries from Bennison’s, and breakfast sandwiches from The Goddess and Grocer. Other than that there is no food available at the Map Room, but you can bring your own. There are plenty of options in the neighborhood.

Have a beer with Belgian American Tour Guide Leentje

The Map Room is open every day except on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The bar opens at 6:30 am from Monday to Friday, at 7:30 am on Saturday and at 11 am on Sunday, which is also the holy hour they start pouring the beer 7/7.

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The Map Room

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