The Luxor Pyramid and Sphinx

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The Luxor Pyramid and Sphinx

Visit ancient Egypt on your next trip to Las Vegas. The surrounding Nevada desert sand and cloudless blue sky will add to the illusion. This 4,400-room hotel and casino is shaped like a pyramid and is nearly as large as the actual Red Pyramid and Bent Pyramids of Egypt.

Sky Beam

In the daylight hours, the pyramid reflects the sky and surrounding buildings. In the evening, the Luxor Sky Beam radiates from its tip. It’s created using curved mirrors to collect light from 39 xenon lamps and projects that power into a single source, producing the strongest beam of light in the world. Aircraft from as far away as Los Angeles have reported seeing the Sky Beam on clear nights.

Ancient Secrets and Myths

The Luxor carries a past nearly as intriguing as ancient Egypt itself. Several workers died during its construction in 1993. Some sources claim as many as seven, and conspiracies circulate the internet that the deaths are covered up to save Circus Circus' reputation. When the Nile Riverboat ride was still operational before the 2007 renovations, riders claimed to see the ghosts of the perished construction workers roaming the tunnels.

That’s not the only ghost story either. In 1996, a woman jumped from the 26th floor and died. Guests report that she still haunts the 26th floor. Also, for a time shortly after its construction,the Luxor itself had been sinking into a soft spot in the desert. However, that engineering error was corrected and now it sits again on solid ground. Given the high number of strange circumstances , some people believe that The Luxor is cursed. According to one theory, the curse is a result of importing reproductions of ancient artifacts from Egypt to use at the King Tut display. Don't bother searching for this lost treasure though. The King Tut display was relocated to the Nevada Natural History Museum.

The Luxor's Captivating Charm

If you decide to brave the possible ghosts and curse to venture inside as a guest, definitely be on the watch for activity from the great beyond. You might be lucky enough to catch a ghost on camera to share through Instagram, solving once and for all the eternal question of “are ghosts real?” Spirit-watching aside, the Sky Beam at night and the sphinx during the day, cast against a backdrop of vibrant blue, are both captivating sights by themselves. The history adds a bit of myth and depth to the charm of Las Vegas!

Cover image by Budgemont is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Most Instagrammable Spots in Las Vegas

The Luxor Pyramid and Sphinx

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