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The Frederick G Todd Lookout was named in honor of the landscape architect who originally promoted the idea of protecting the Edmonton River Valley green space. A student of Frederick Olmstead, who designed Central Park in New York City and helped beautify Niagara Falls, Frederick G Todd was Canada's first landscape architect.

The River Valley Alliance

In their practice, both Todd and Olmstead used green ribbons of land and tied their work to the concept of Freedom. The original Funicular concept presented to the city did not include an elevator or lookout and the viewing cantilever was the most technically challenging part of the project for the engineers. The giant cantilever supports are around the elevator, and the cantilever is as long as was physically possible through the work of the engineering team. The cantilever offers visitors a unique perspective of the river valley. The glass railing is taller than a conventional railing to allow wheelchair riders a pleasant view without obstruction from the steel top. The bounce, or deflection, of the railing is due to its steel construction. The deflection is important in allowing the cantilever to remain standing, as it is 20 metres long.

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A tour of the 100 Street Funicular

The Lookout

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