The Eiffel Tower Experience

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The Eiffel Tower Experience

While visiting the American City of Lights, you’ll definitely want to snap some aerial views of the town all lit up. Since helicopter rides might be a bit much on a 24-hour stop, you’ll want to find another way to snag them. That’s where the Paris Hotel of Las Vegas comes in.

Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck

Above the frenzy of the Strip looms the Eiffel Tower viewing deck, a premier attraction with stunning views of the city. This half-size recreation of the Eiffel Tower is open day and night. It towers above the ground at 460 feet with a viewing deck 46 stories high, offering spectacular panoramic views of the city and mountains in the distance. After you enjoy your visit to the beautiful viewing deck, you can purchase a commemorative photo from your “France in Vegas” experience.

The Light Show

Inspired by the original Eiffel Tower’s lights in France, the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas also offers some nightly light shows that will make you marvel. The show runs every half hour, on the hour and half-hour, from sunset to midnight, meaning just about anyone can witness one at some point. The show features choreographed and synchronized sparkling lights with about 300 different colored wash light fixtures and more than 800 white strobe lights along the exterior of the tower.

Check out this video of the light show before you see it in person:

Other Things to Enjoy in the Hotel

A unique touch in Eiffel Tower structure is the three legs that jut through the roof of the casino and rest on the Monet-style floral carpet inside. However, the Eiffel Tower is not the only replica in the Paris hotel. You’ll also find replicas of the Arc de Triomphe, the Hotel de Ville, the Louvre, an Around the World in Eighty Days balloon marquee, and the Paris Opera House. So, even if you can’t afford a flight to France, you can still get a mini-tour of the most famous structures in the City of Lights.

Visit Paris in Las Vegas!

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The Eiffel Tower Experience

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