The Coil Mound: Horner Park

Horner Park Chicago

Northwest Portage Walking Museum/The Coil Mound: Horner Park
Northwest Portage Walking Museum
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The Coil Mound is a hybrid earthwork mound by the Indigenous Artist, Santiago X. The installation is the first of its kind since the founding of the United States. The mound is created as an homage to the ancestral practice of mound building by the Native Americans of the region. This earthwork, unlike others, has been designed for an experience from our line of sight, rather than that of an aerial perspective. This design is created to connect us to the earth, to the power of the land, and to the shrinking natural environment in which we find ourselves.

In an Earth Ceremony, the Indigenous community of Chicagoland will be invited to contribute earth from their own ancestral and tribal lands to be incorporated into the earthwork mound. This beautiful celebration of unity with one another and harmony with nature was formally celebrated at the unveiling of the mound.

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The Coil Mound is a celebration of the connection between the peoples and the waterways of the Chicagoland area. The placement of the mound, on the western banks of the Chicago River is a deliberate choice to help demonstrate this connection, while inviting the visitors to participate in the relationship of people to the water.

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