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The Big Rip Brewing Company

The Big RIP Brewing Company started as a passion project of two friends and has turned into one of the most popular breweries in the state. Co-founder Josh Collins attributes the success of RIP to being unique. RIP Brewing is horror and sci-fi themed, and the taproom feels like someone combined a slasher film, a brewery, and a dive bar. The beers often have names from the staff's favorite horror flicks, and a sense of playfulness is evident in all the brewery's creations.

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On Tap

Everyone has a different favorite beer at Big RIP, but one that almost everyone agrees is delicious is the Umbrella Kolsch. The Umbrella Kolsch is a classic style Kolsch that's blonde, light, and drinkable with strong cereal notes. It has a subtle sweetness and a creamy, robust finish that makes it easy to drink a few pints in a row.

Watch the head brewer at Big RIP talk about the beer-making process:

Another popular beer at the taproom is Hefe the Killer, a wheat beer with a fruity aroma and complexity that keeps beer snobs coming back again and again. It pours a cloudy straw-yellow color and has strong notes of banana, cloves, and wheat. Well balanced between the citrusy flavor and crisp, almost spicy finish, the Hefe leaves a light, toasted malt flavor on the palate, and pairs perfectly with some classic Kansas City BBQ.

They do not make food, but patrons can order BBQ from their Hog Jaw kiosk, and the BBQ joint next door is happy to deliver your order to the taproom. The Big RIP Brewing Company also encourages customers to bring food in, so options for pairing local eats with the beer here are unlimited.

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Kansas City Beer & BBQ Tour

The Big Rip Brewing Company

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