The Atrium

26 Wall St New York

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Since 1916, the National Park Service has been entrusted with the care of our national parks. National Parks in New York City? Yes! There are 11 parks with a total of 23 different sites you can visit in all five boroughs and parts of New Jersey.

When you enter the beautiful glass rotunda, take a second to soak in the architecture while envisioning the great American leaders who once roamed the original Federal Hall. Gaze up at the beautiful tall glass ceilings and striking dome architecture, as well as the intricate flowers around the dome. The dome does not appear in the initial blueprints and was likely added later during building. The dome and its Corinthian columns are a nod to the Pantheon in Rome and also to the ancient Roman's concept of a republic, which inspired America's founders.

Make sure to find the indentation in the circular floor. This was made by sea captains and merchants from years of waiting in line to pay customs levies.

Perched high above is a large gold eagle clock representing America's national symbol of freedom. Notice the cracks in the building's foundation? They are a remnant and a reminder of the seismic shift that occurred when the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001.

Federal Hall National Memorial

The Atrium

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