The Art of Coca-Cola

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Signs at the World's Crossroads/The Art of Coca-Cola
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The Times Square Alliance is proud to continue to work to improve and promote Times Square, so that it retains the creativity, energy and edge that have made it an icon for entertainment, culture and urban life for over a century.

In 1920 the first Coke sign appeared in Times Square. In blazing neon lights that were added in 1923, the sign read "Drink Coca-Cola, Delicious and Refreshing." The sign was the world's second-largest electric billboard at the time. It was replaced in 1932, but in 1969 Coca-Cola launched a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign that replaced the Coke sign with an enormous electric sign that was an impossible to miss. It remained in Times Square for over twenty years.

In 1991 the sign was updated with a 3 million dollar neon display of the world's largest Coke bottle. In 2004 the sign was replaced yet again. This time the Coca-Cola company teamed up with the Museum of Modern Art to create a multi-layered billboard with a complex pattern of stainless steel planes. Visible from 180 degrees around, the sign was a vibrant centerpiece in Times Square until it was replaced yet again in 2017.

In 2017 a new Coke sign came to make its home in Times Square. Using technology from Space150 and Radius Displays, the sign consists of individual LED covered cubes that each move by themselves. Today the sign is not only a brilliant piece of advertising but a pioneer at the forefront of kinetic sculpture.

Cover Photo Credit: Randy von Liski

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Signs at the World's Crossroads

The Art of Coca-Cola

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