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The Alamo

The Alamo is probably the most well-known location in San Antonio. It's famous for the battle that took place from February 23 to March 6, 1836 and ended with the deaths of all the American troops, including Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie, two of America's most acclaimed historical figures. For Texans, the Alamo is almost sacred, and due to this reverence, it's been the site of numerous films.

The Films

While there are more than a dozen movies filmed about the battle at the Alamo, one of the few movies to be shot at the actual location was The Immortal Alamo. The 10-minute silent film was filmed in January 1910 by director William F. Haddock. While the producers promised to deliver a historically “correct” version, historians savaged it for inaccuracies.

Another famous, though much more lighthearted, movie to have a scene filmed at the Alamo, was Tim Burton's film, Peewee’s Big Adventure. The infamously silly story leads Paul Ruebens' character from California to Texas and the Alamo for some ridiculous high jinks.

While You're Here

While you're at the Alamo, be sure to observe the rules of remembrance as you explore the site, take a tour, or grab a snack from the vending machines. Though you can walk through the Alamo on your own for free, a guided tour is highly recommended to learn more about the history of the location. And who knows? Maybe your guide will even mention some of the films made there. The Alamo is primarily the famous and recognizable church building. Still, the beautiful gardens and Long Barrack offer intriguing historical context to the experience of visiting the oldest building in San Antonio. You'll find some amazing photo spots while here, too, though there's a line for some of them, like the main entrance of the building. Singer and drummer Phil Collins of the band Genesis has been a long-time Alamo fan, so he's collected Alamo artifacts over the decades and donated hundreds of items to the museum in 2014, including Davy Crockett's leather shot pouch. A new museum to house them is in the works. And before you leave, be sure to leave your message on the wall at the interactive exhibit where thoughts about the Alamo are welcomed.

Interpreters Help You Remember the Alamo Daily

Each day Alamo History Interpreters at the Living History Encampment and the Calvalry Courtyard offer free 15 to 20-minute talks about the history of the Alamo, the Texas Revolution, and the memorable battle, followed by Q & A sessions. In addition, the Alamo staff bring history to life with daily demonstrations such as fire starting, gun firing, leatherworking, and more. A short film about the Alamo's 300-year history runs continuously in the Alamo Arbor or the Long Barracks Theatre from 9 AM to 6:30 PM.

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The Alamo

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