Taipei Main Station

No. 103號 Huayin Street

History of Taipei/Taipei Main Station
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Taipei Main Station

Many consider the Taipei Main Station as the central hub of Taipei. It opened in 1891 as the Taipei Railway Station and has since become the main transportation station for both Taipei and the surrounding regions. The Taipei Main Station is not simply a place for transportation, however. It is seen as one of the main meeting destinations for various commuters, tourists, and students. With beautiful architecture, high ceilings, and a wide variety of affordable dining and shopping options, it is one of the most well-used historic sites of the city.

History of the Station

The origins of the current station can be traced back to 1891. During this time, the first rail station was completed in Twatutia under Qing rule. The railway was meant to be a bridge between Taipei and Keelung. A temporary station was replaced by a more permanent structure in 1897 under the leadership of the Japanese. In 1901, the railway station was positioned east of its current location. In 1940, Taipei Main Station was rebuilt to accommodate the growing numbers of passengers passing through. It has been undergoing continuous renovations since 2005.

Transportation Services

There are many methods of travel at the Taipei Main Station. They include double-decker buses, metro subways, trains, high-speed rail cars, local buses, long-distance buses, and airport transportation. 30 million people a year pass through the station, making it the busiest of all three rail systems. It's well-equipped to handle the large loads so that people successfully get to their final destinations. As history has changed, the station has evolved. In order to meet the high volume demand and become the main station of Taipei, it has continually reinvented itself for the current age with emerging malls and news ways of transportation. With over a hundred years of history to its legacy, the Taipei Main Station is a modern relic. Wherever you find yourself on your journey, be sure to travel along the railways of the Taipei Main Station.

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History of Taipei

Taipei Main Station

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